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What are the advantages of at home testing ?

With at home testing, our trained professionals perform the tests you need in the comfort and safety of your home. No traffic, no parking costs, no long waits. All you have to do is book the appointment at a time that is convenient and we’ll come to you!

What are the advantages of testing at work?

No need to take time off of work to get your tests done. With the approval of your employer, we will come perform the tests at your office. Tests usually only take 15 minutes to complete, so they can easily be done during your morning break.

How much does my blood test cost?

Your samples will be analyzed by a private laboratory and the costs are not covered by the Quebec health insurance plan.

A quote for your tests will be provided for you after you fill out the appointment request form and you upload your requisition.

Rest assured, our prices are competitive and most private insurance companies cover 80-100% of the costs! The cost can also deductible from your income taxes as a health expense.

Can I eat before my test?

Some tests do require you to be without food or drink up to 12 hours before testing. Please note that it is your responsibility to prepare adequately for your test. If you are not sure if your tests require you to be without food or drink, it is highly recommended that you contact your physician to be sure. If the test cannot be performed because you have not either informed yourself of the requirements or if you have not adhered to them, the cost of the visit cannot be reimbursed.

Am I covered by my private insurance?

Most private insurance companies cover the cost of medical laboratory analyses, depending on your plan. Please contact your insurer to get more details about your coverage. Clinique Santé Mobile GP will provide you with a detailed receipt after your payment to submit with your request for reimbursement from your insurer.

How long does it take to get my test results?

For private laboratory tests, the results will be sent to your prescribing physician within 24-48 hours after your visit. Unfortunately we cannot provide results directly to patients.

What is ‘simple’ wound care?

Simple wound care consists of the cleaning of wounds and applying clean dressing for proper healing limiting the risk of infection to the patient. Simple wound care does not include packing of dressing for deeper wounds. If you are unsure if you fit the simple wound care criteria, please email us at It will be our pleasure to assess your case and provide you with a response.

Are there any additional costs associated with wound care?

No, unlike other companies, we provide all the material for wound care at no additional cost.

Can the testing procedures be trusted?

For all private testing, we have partnered with a highly reputable private lab which follows the most stringent guidelines and uses the latest technologies to deliver the most accurate and timely results for our customers.

For testing using the public system, we cannot unfortunately speak to the guidelines employed nor to the level of accuracy provided by the technologies employed.

How much time do the visits take?

Visits will include the introduction, setup, and testing/treatment. This will generally take a minimum of 15 minutes to complete. Please note that weather conditions and/or traffic may cause minor arrival delays. Please allow a buffer of up to 15 minutes past your appointment time in the unforeseen circumstance that this may occur. We thank you for your understanding.

Are there any additional fees for KMs traveled based on my appointment address?

It is with great pleasure that we offer our services to the greater Montreal area at no additional cost for kilometers traveled. This includes the north and south shores. In the event that you do live further away from the city, it will be our pleasure to accommodate you to the best of our abilities. Please contact us to learn more, at

Will I receive a receipt for the services I have requested and paid for?

Yes, absolutely. A receipt will be provided by email for all services provided. If for any reason you have not received your receipt, please check your junk mail. If you still cannot locate it, please contact us at and provide your full name, the date of your services, and the reference number on your quote if this has been provided. We will make sure to send you another copy by email.

What if we are more than one person requiring an appointment at the same home ? Can you accommodate both of us?

Yes, of course! Please move forward with booking the appointment for one person, and then contact us to add the second person. We will be more than happy to accommodate you both and provide you with a discounted rate for the visit fee.