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Pure Energy VitaBoost™

Pure Energy VitaBoost™

Pure Energy VitaBoost is a B12 injection represented in two ways. Hydroxocobalamin and Methylcobalamin, Pure Energy injections give you the best of both worlds with a faster-acting version of B12 as well as the longest-lasting one.

B12 benefits your body in many ways. It is an essential vitamin for your well-being. This vitamin helps protects DNA, nerves, and brain cells. It also supercharges your immune system. Moreover, B12 also stimulates the production of serotonin, known as the “feel-good hormone.” Pure Energy VitaBoost B12 can help with the "winter blues" and prop up your immune system when the kids go back to school!

B12 helps your body produce tons of energy, and boosts memory, and overall mood!

What is the difference between hydroxy B12 and methyl B12?

These two forms of B12 have shown very similar methods of action. absorption efficiency and effectiveness. The difference here is that Hydroxycobalamin lasts longer in your body. It is not put into the more bioactive form of Methyl right away so your body doesn't use it all up at once

What's in it?

Methylcobalmin + B Complex


The most common side effect of IM injection is pain, redness and swelling at the injection site. Also tingling or numbness.
These side effects usually are mild and persist only for a few days.

Before your VitaBoost™ injection is administered, we will go through a health questionnaire with you to ensure that you are a candidate for VitaBoost™ injections.

Common areas of your body where VitaBoost™ injections will be given include; the deltoid muscle located in the upper arm and Gluteal muscle located in the outer buttock.